How to play lotto online?

how to play online lotto

As we are true lotto fans, we aim to serve other fans of the game.
Every now and then you read about a big winner somewhere far and you wish you could play lotto wherever you choose. This is what we’re here for!

The only question is how? Pretty much like lotto as you know it: you choose which lotto to play, you buy a ticket, and you see the results once the draw is published.

Here we go step by step:

  1. Choose
    Visit My Lotto page here and you will be able to view all lotteries available for purchase on our site. Once you choose the lotto you wish to play, you can click it and there you just fill in your lucky numbers and click on ‘Continue’.
  2. Buy
    If this is your first time participation online, you will be forwarded to the payment option page to continue and finalize your full registration. We recommend adding in valid information for you to be able to identify yourself in case of a win.
    Now that you have made your order, your ticket will be purchased at a location per your request. The ticket will be then scanned, uploaded to your account to be viewed and your numbers selection will be then saved by the system which will automatically check any wins and credit your account in case of a win once results are in.
  3. Check
    In case of a win, your account will be credited automatically. Also, a notification email will be sent out to you. We always publish results in our lotto-results page.

The most common online lotto games: